StubHub Responds!

OK, so ever since publishing my "Fuck You StubHub" rant from a few days back, I'd noticed some traffic from eBay headquarters in my server logs. I didn't think anything would come of it, but today I received this e-mail:

For those that can't see the image, here's the e-mail text:
Dear Mr. Reisinger,

I am so sorry that my email revived your disappointment over the Cavs loss. I did email everyone who had last purchased Celtics tickets in Boston these reminders but your post has enlightened me to the fact that I may be reminding scores of ardent fans of things better left to heal until next season.

I will make sure that you do not receive any more marketing emails from us unless you explicitly request them.

Once again, I am very sorry.

Laura Morris

Wow, what a nice touch. I really didn't expect them to do anything, but now they've at least won my business back for my future ticket needs.