Site Updates: Buffy Comics, TV Finales and more...

I just wanted to give everyone some quick updates about new and upcoming features on

- Yesterday I went to add some items to my Buffy Collection page, and I saw the notice on the front page about how the comic thumbnails didn't link to full-size images but they would by May 17. Yeah, two months ago when I put that up, I figured I'd definitely get to it before my birthday. Well, I finally did, yesterday. So check that out, for some new items and some full-sized comics pictures.

- I'd noticed that my review of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", Season 8, Issue #34 was still getting lots of traffic, even from people who were looking for my review of Issue #35. To rectify that, I set up a page that has all my Buffy comic reviews. Also, all the reviews since Issue #27 (when I re-started the monthly reviews) have navigation links at the bottom of the page to get you to the previous and next review.

- As you may have seen this morning, I started my series of season finale reviews (re-introducing the "Series of Tubes" branding in the process). I'll be reviewing the season finales of all the remaining shows I watch, including probably a massive overload on the day of the "Lost" finale (Sunday, May 23).

- Don't forget, we're about a month away from Slay-a-Thon 2010. I'm still accepting straight-up donations (and I'd really like those, as would the good folks at the Make-A-Wish foundation), but I've also got the ongoing auctions of my extra "Buffy" collectibles. The next set will go up later today.