Series of Tubes: V Season Finale Reaction

When I heard the news that "V" had been picked up for next season (though as a midseason show) while "FlashFoward" was canceled, I was disappointed, but not surprised. You see, "FlashForward" set up its story so that it could exist as a single-season show. "V" on the other hand has moved forward so little this season that it NEEDED a second season. Tuesday's finale at least moved things forward in a way I feel no other episode did this season.

After a season of build-up and minor conflicts between Fifth Column and the Vs, we finally got a major event -- Erica using a "blue energy" bomb to destroy Anna's soldier babies. It wasn't the event that was the big deal (don't forget, this same group already blew up a shuttle), but Anna's reaction to it. She completely snapped, experiencing human emotion for the first time, and sending the Vs into attack mode.

Look, I understand that this show had to do SOMETHING to move the conflict forward, but I would have much rather seen a cold, calculating Anna make the same move. It didn't help that Morena Baccarin, who I normally love, really over-acted the entire scene. Still, the visual of the sky going completely red as the ships moved in was cool.

Also, the V/human hybrid baby was born, and Anna killed the mother and worked her crazy V mojo to get Ryan back under her bliss. We didn't even get to see the baby itself, aside from a tail squirming out of a bundle, which was kind of disappointing. Plus, this episode was severely lacking in near-nude Laura Vandervoort, which is really one of the only reasons to put up with this show.

I can't give this episode more than a C, as much as I want to. The priest's V vs God sermon was probably the coolest non-red sky moment in the episode, but for the most part, it was another dragging episode until the last few minutes. But at least things are in place for what should be a more exciting Season 2, whenever that may start.

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