Series of Tubes: Smallville Season Finale Reaction

I'm not sure why I still watch "Smallville". I started watching for James Marsters, and I guess I kept watching because Erica Durance is hot, but the show itself is an exercise in futility. This year's season finale proved that more than ever.

First, the show opened with what appeared to be a glimpse of the future. Lois was the Daily Planet's star reporter, looking a little Sarah Palin-ish while emerging from Perry White's office and bossing around a photographer named Olsen. She opened a paper to see the front page headline, that Lex Luthor was running for president, before Superman (who was only seen via reflections and distance glimpses) stopped a plane from crashing into the Daily Planet building. 

The scene was incredibly brief, and turned out to actually be a dream Clark was having, but it showed all the things wrong with "Smallville". First of all, even if Lex Luthor turns out to be alive -- and he's seemed pretty dead for the past couple of seasons -- he couldn't run for president in 2013... since by that point there wouldn't be an election until 2016. Also, even if he was announcing a run in 2016, based on the timeline of the show, there's no way he'd be 35 in 2016. Also, Olsen, if it's Jimmy, is dead, and everyone at the Planet has seen Clark sans glasses for years now, so his double life as Superman would be near impossible to pull off. This show has wrecked any possibility of flowing into an eventual Superman continuity. 
As for the rest of the episode, we finally got the big showdown between Clark and Zod -- and all season long I've had a problem with the casting of Zod, since I still see Callum Blue as the fuckup Mason from "Dead Like Me" and not a General, a threat to all humankind -- though their first faceoff in the episode was a big talk-off. After Clark saves half-burned "two-face" Tess from the fortress, we see Zod's army burning his mark into historical monuments around the world. I'm sure the scene seemed cool when written, but actually seeing it on screen, it just looks cheesy (which is the case with most of the scenese in "Smallville").

The scene in Watchtower with Clark talking to the screens and all the JSA/JLA members was another that fell flat. It was supposed to be all powerful with Clark giving up his destiny and making the decision to leave while ceding protection of the planet to the other heroes, but it just came off as a lame callback to episodes past -- like, "hey, remember when we introduced this guy?!"

The Lois-Clark-Zod/Blur triangle did nothing for me. Lois's breakup scene with Clark -- after Zod had told her Clark was hiding something from her, but Clark wouldn't admit anything -- didn't pack any emotional punch. Lois's discovery of the truth, followed by Clark punching Zod practically into orbit, was weak. And Lois figuring out that Clark is the Blur after they kissed was straight out of the "Spider-Man" playbook, so fuck that.

Then, after Clark activated the magic widget, sending all the Kandorians away, Zod pulled out his Blue Kryptonite knife -- the one that was keeping him from being beamed aboard -- and fought Clark with it. We got another "kneel before Zod" reference, and then Clark got stomach stabbed. But, without the knife, Zod got transported away, and we got left in "to be continued" limbo with Clark falling.

Look, this show seems to end on a cliffhanger every season, and every year it comes back and within an episode or two, everything is all back to normal. I expect nothing different this year, and because of that, the ending didn't resonate at all. They're never going to permanently de-power Clark, and it seems they're never going to make him Superman either. Hopefully we just have to put up with one more season of this dreck, and then maybe we can move on to something better.

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