Series of Tubes: More Season Finale Reactions

Yesterday I caught up on some season finales on my DVR before starting my season 6 Lost-a-Thon, and I wanted to share some quick thoughts and grade them before they got WAY too old.

This show has always been driven by its characters more than the procedural aspects, but generally the case is still interesting. That wasn't the case this week, when the case of the week seemed to only distract from the important character interactions. Also, I thought the "one year" thing that everyone ended up doing was a copout, and next season is probably going to start with "One Year Later". Lame.
Grade: C+

The Vampire Diaries
This aired last week (that is, to say, 10 days ago now) and I didn't have any urgency to watch it, because I thought there was another episode airing this past Thursday. Whoops. The episode wasn't bad. It did a nice job of wrapping up some of the big storylines of Season 1 (the vampires from the vault, Jeremy and Anna, Uncle John Gilbert and his fatherhood of Elena) while also setting up some stuff for next season (the Damon-Elena-Stefan love triangle, Jeremy's vampiric suicide, the other supernatural beings in town). The only problem I had with the episode was Bonnie -- at the beginning of the season, she didn't understand her powers at all, and in less than a year, she's somehow become one of the most powerful witches in the world.
Grade: B

Romantically Challenged
Unless ABC decides to burn off the remaining two episodes this summer -- highly unlikely -- this serves as the series finale for the Alyssa Milano vehicle. I will say that there was one moment in this episode (when Rebecca was talking about her past relationships with her date and realizing she was turning him off) that I laughed, but otherwise it was just as trite as the previous 3. The show never felt like it knew what it wanted to be. Was it an ensemble comedy or a star-driven project for Milano? Was it cute or raunchy? Did it want to be about Milano's character balancing a career, being a single mom and trying to date, or just set her up with a series of hapless dates for comedy purposes? I know it's hard for a show to define itself in four episodes, but it didn't seem like it was going anywhere. And that laugh track, oh God, that laugh track.
Grade: D

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