Series of Tubes: Modern Family Season Finale Reaction

When I watched the pilot episode of "Modern Family", I was disappointed, but the show grew on my quickly, once I "got" the humor it was going for. Within its own little world, it's very funny, and I really like the characters because on any given week, any of them can be the star of the episode.

The season finale was very Claire-driven, as she tried to get everyone together for a perfect family portrait, but pretty much everyone in the cast got his or her moment in the sun. I loved the misunderstanding between Phil and Claire over what Claire had seen Phil do at the basketball game. Hell, even guest star Kobe Bryant got a little zinger in (though Pau Gasol's cameo got cut, which was kind of a disappointment, since it would have meant more Gloria and less Phil).

To me, the only real "miss" in the episode was Mitchell and Cam's original argument. The conflict between them just felt forced, for the sake of bringing it back at the end of the episode. Still, Mitchell's reaction to the pigeon in the house was hilarious and believable (you should see me when I spot a bee in my living room).

I'd give the episode an A-. It made me laugh, and did so without making me wonder how these characters would ever survive in the real world, which is way more than I can say for most sitcoms on TV these days.

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