Series of Tubes: Gossip Girl Season Finale Reaction

Ding-muthafuckin-dong, the bitch is dead.

That was my reaction (more or less) upon seeing Jenny Humphrey get her ass shipped up state at the end of the "Gossip Girl" Season 3 finale, where hopefully she can discover an interesting storyline while actress Taylor Momsen can discover the joy of eating more than once a month.

The funny thing is, I used to like Jenny as a character. Back in Season 1, when she was so desperate to be Blair's successor then realized that Blair wasn't the perfect role model Jenny thought she was, Jenny was actually fun. But then came Season 2 and the DRAMA (OMG! Jenny's moving out! OMFG! Jenny's wearing raccoon makeup!) and she continued to spiral out of control in Season 3, to the point that she was unlikeable, unwatchable, and then finally just utterly uninteresting. The writers tried so hard to play "top this" with Jenny's idiocy that none of it registered anymore.

That's why the season finale's first big shocking moment -- Jenny losing her virginity to Chuck -- wasn't a shock at all. It was just Jenny being Jenny; that is, thinking only of herself while not even considering the consequences. Hell, she was fine with the entire thing until Chuck went back to Blair, when she had her emotional breakdown (in, to be fair, the best bit of acting Momsen has done this season).

I LOVED Dan coming in and punching Chuck as Chuck was trying to propose to Blair, if only because it's the first time he's felt like a real person all season. If it weren't for the fact that Jenny is already 17, Rufus would probably try to have Chuck charged with statutory rape. That is, if Chuck survives.

I say that, because at the end of the episode, Chuck was mugged, and while trying to prevent the muggers from taking the engagement ring, he got shot. The muggers left him in the street bleeding, and while I'd be stunned if they killed off Chuck Bass, I'd like to see how this affects his character.

Meanwhile, Nate and Serena are broken up... again... this time because Serena fell asleep with Dan, and Jenny snapped a picture of them and sent it to Gossip Girl and ... ya know what, I don't care. Couples on this show break up and get back together on a whim constantly, so the idea of who is dating who at this exact moment is meaningless. The only good thing this did was give Nate a reason to get back at Dan, and he did so by sending the Gossip Girl picture to Vanessa, who is in Haiti and will hopefully never be returning to the series (ooh, no more Jenny OR Vanessa... this show might be good next year!).

But, even with all that going on, the person whole stole the show -- as she does every year in the finale -- was Georgina Sparks. Remember when she got hauled off to Belarus earlier this season? Well, she's back, and while in the past she's focused on making life hard for Serena and Blair, this time it's Dan she's after. Or, as she could start calling him, her "baby daddy". That's right, Georgina's pregnant, and it's Dan's. Well, at least she says it is, but Georgina's been known to fudge the truth in the past. I love her. She makes EVERYTHING on this show 37% more interesting.

Reportedly, Michelle Trachtenberg is signed on for an unknown number of episodes next season (and she's got the free time after NBC canceled "Mercy") so hopefully this Georgina story isn't going away anytime soon. Because she made what would have been a C- type of episode into at least a B.

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