Series of Tubes: Desperate Housewives Season Finale Reaction

I'm gonna make this quick since I want to get on to other things on my birthday, but I really enjoyed last night's "Desperate Housewives" season finale. In the past, there's usually been some big character secret revealed to the audience during the finale, but that wasn't the case this time. We already knew about Angie's past, we already knew Kenny was the killer and the big secret that Brie told Gaby (which didn't happen until the final voiceover of the episode) was something we saw happen on screen years ago.

Unburdened from the concept of a "secret reveal", the show was able to focus on character interactions, which is what it's been best at for six seasons. And quite frankly, compared to some of the past season finales, this one actually ended up with workable endings for most of the main characters. Sure, Brie had to sign over her company and tell Gaby about Andrew running over Mrs. Solis (something she decided to do only after Orson left) but things could have been much worse for her.

Angie's gone now, which is pretty much standard for the "mystery of the season" housewives. I liked the bomb twist, though it seemed a little to convenient that no main characters were actually in danger of being exploded -- especially given how they promoted the episode all week.

As for all the set up for next season, I'm looking forward to it. Paul Young being back brings the whole show full circle, and I can't wait to find out whose child doesn't really belong to them (my early money's on Andrew, which would tie in nicely to this season's finale, though don't count Julie out either).

Overall, I'd give the episode a B+, which is much better than I felt about most of this season.

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  1. My money is on one of the Solis girls...all of the other main characters had their fair share of hardship this season: Brie had Orson's accident, being forced to sign over her company, etc.; Susan had the whole mess with Julie, losing her house, etc.; and Lynette lost one of her babies and was held hostage by psycho Eddie. Which leaves Gabby...nothing really traumatic happened to the Solis family this season. In fact, just the opposite -- they are the only stable, financially sound family on the show right now. Something needs to turn that family upside down!

  2. It just doesn't seem like that would have happened long enough ago to fit the implied timeline by the nurse. My money's on Penny, Lynette's only daughter.

  3. I called it! (wait, I hope you've seen it already).

  4. Yep, you got it right. And I had seen the episode, so no worries on the spoiler alert.

  5. Good deal...and good fantasy match-up this week. Unfortunate scheduling -- you would've beat anyone else in the league other than me.


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