Series of Tubes: Castle Season Finale Reaction

I know a lot of people wanted this to be the episode where Castle and Beckett finally got together, while others think that's the moment the show is gonna fall apart. I actually think the Castle/Beckett relationship is in exactly the right place: they're two characters who have trouble expressing how they truly feel, and they keep looking for excuses to not admit the truth to each other.

In this case, for most of the season finale (and the past few episodes) it was Beckett trying to have a relationship with the other cop (whose name I've already forgotten), but by the end of the episode, she'd come around to realize what she felt for Castle... just in time to see Castle head to the Hamptons for the summer with his ex-wife/publisher Gina (his second ex-wife, not his first ex-wife/Alexis's mom, played by the amazingly beautiful Darby Stanchfield).

While this show, plot-wise, is a procedural, it's really more about the relationships between the characters, and that was at the center of Monday night's plot. The case, which centered around a man who was killed while playing some kind of real-life spy game, was actually just a way to show how so much pain could have been avoided if the people involved with the murder had just talked to each other. The chief even said as much to Beckett, in a line that probably didn't actually need to be written, but really hammered the point home for those that weren't getting it.

Overall, I'd give this episode a B. It wasn't spectacular, but it held my attention well enough to get to the good stuff at the end. The whole concept of the "Spy Ventures" real-life game was actually pretty cool, and I could definitely see myself doing something like that if it existed. Also, we finally got another one of Castle's poker game scenes, and the real life authors who appeared as themselves had some of the best lines of the show. I'd like to see more than one of those scenes next season.

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