Series of Tubes: American Dad Season Finale Reaction

American Dad's season order was shortened to make room for the already-canceled "Sons of Tucson", so the show aired its season finale this week, instead of next week like the other FOX animated series.

Unlike "Family Guy", "American Dad" has never been a huge hit, and it generally only gives me a few chuckles a week. However, with "Family Guy" taking a huge dump on its fanbase this season, I can at least rely on "American Dad" to be kind-of funny on a weekly basis, which it was this week.

The season finale featured the Smith family giving Roger a birthday roast which resulted in a series of harsh jokes at Roger's expense (which I really enjoyed, because Roger is my least favorite character on the show). Roger pretended that the roast spurred him to clean up his life, but really he just was using the self-improvement as a cover for trying to kill the rest of the family.

By the end of the episode, everyone reconciled after Roger forced the Smiths to roast each other, then realized thy were laughing not crying. There was some stuff about Roger being a real member of the family and... ya know what, whatever. The actual story isn't important, because it's a fucking cartoon. Plot devices are completely discarded on a regular basis. Did it make me laugh? A little, which is par for the course with this show.

The best jokes -- aside from the Roger insults -- were the two in-show "product placement" style ads. They were just the right amount of satire and stupidity (Fran's jealously of the OnStar woman was a nice touch).

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