Mini Mr. Hockey - Gordie Howe!

Well, the Cavs got debacled last night, the Mets lost to the freakin' Nationals again today and the Redskins are still trying to re-assemble Daniel Snyder's 2005 fantasy football team, so it's up to one team to lift my sports spirits... the Hartford Whalers!

Yesterday I was picking up some stuff at the mall, when I came across this:

Yes, that's a McFarlane action figure of Gordie Howe in his Whalers gear from the '79-80 season. It's even got his full name on the back of his jersey, because he played on the same team with his sons Mark and Marty Howe. Gordie Howe was 51 years old during his final season with the Whalers but still played 80 games and scored 15 goals. That's how you become only the second hockey McFarlane figure I own (the other is a Wayne Gretzky from his Oilers days).

I actually got to meet Gordie Howe back when I was about 8 years old, and I have his autograph on a Whalers shirt with a bunch of other Whalers. 8-year-old me didn't quite realize the significance of who Gordie Howe was at the time, but he's easily one of the greatest hockey players of all time, and I just think that it's incredibly cool that he finished his NHL career with the Hartford Whalers, even if the Whalers don't actually exist anymore.

Check out Gordie getting introduced at the 1980 All-Star Game in Detroit (where he spent the majority of his career).

OK, enough of that. You know what time it is... CUE BRASS BONANZA!