"Lost" Video - "I Remember"

One of my favorite things about the "Lost" finale was the "I remember" clips -- the flashes that happened when characters remembered their past lives on The Island. So last night I threw all of them together in a single video.

These are only the clips from the finale, "The End", so they don't include the Desmond/Penny stuff from "Happily Ever After" or the Hurley/Libby stuff from "Everybody Loves Hugo". It's just the flashes from Sunday's episode (and yes, I included all of Jack's flashes, even the ones that lasted a split second).

The music is pulled from the last few minutes of the episode, just after the final snip of dialogue. I would have made it the actual last two minutes of music, but I couldn't get rid of the sound effect of Vincent barking. Still, I think I made it work. Check it out and let me know what you think.