Lost-a-Thon 2010 is Complete; Questions remain...

Normally before the season premiere of "Lost", I'll re-watch the entire previous season in a day or two. But after tonight, there'll be no more season premieres of "Lost", so over the last 24 hours, I re-watched the first 16 episodes of Season 6, in advance of tonight's series finale.

A lot of the early flash-sideways stuff makes a lot more sense once you've seen all the episodes to date, and "Across the Sea" is definitely better upon the second viewing (and after having seen "What They Died For", which clears up some of the ambiguity of the preceding episode).

I'd have trouble saying that Season 6 is the best season of "Lost" -- especially before the series finale -- but it's right up there as one of the best (and honestly, if you ask 10 different "Lost" fans to rank the six seasons, you'll get 10 different answers. Mine so far: Season 5, Season 1, Season 6, Season 3, Season 4, Season 2. 3 would be higher if not for the six-episode mini-season that started it off, and the awful "Jack's tattoo" episode).

I've actually been impressed with how much "Lost" has answered this season, and I expect tonight's episode to bring even more answers. That said, I don't expect it to come to a simple conclusion, nor do I expect it to answer every question. So here are some of the mysteries of "Lost" that I expect will remain mysteries after tonight's episode:

1. Walt
Why was he so important? How did he get his special powers? How did he appear to Locke on the island after he'd left? We're getting answers to NONE of these, mostly because the kid who played Locke had one of the biggest growth spurts in Hollywood history.

2. Rose, Bernard and Vincent
I think there's actually a 10% chance they get addressed in the finale, but it's more likely that we're left to believe they're all out there in the jungle somewhere, living out their last days. Or maybe they died when Juliet set off the bomb. Who knows?

3. The Hurley Bird
Remember this thing? The bird that said Hurley's name? What the fuck was the deal with that thing. I know it's incredibly trivial, but the thing showed up in multiple season finales, so obviously they had some plan for this thing.

4. Hurley's nickname
Speaking of Hurley, his name isn't Hurley, it's Hugo Reyes (we found that out in the great flight manifest search of Season 1). How'd he get the nickname "Hurley"? No one knows. I know it's not important, but since Hurley has become my favorite character, I kinda wanted to know.

5. Libby
We saw in the flash-sideways universe that she was self-admitted into Santa Rosa, but we can't assume that was the same in the original timeline. Even if she was, that still leaves the question of whether she remembered Hurley from Santa Rosa when they met on the island, and what she was doing in Australia to end up on Flight 815.

6. The Island's Healing Powers
The island cured Locke of his paralysis, then sometimes took that cure away (remember Season 1 with the drug plane?). It cured Rose of her cancer, but didn't help Ben with his. So how do the magical healing powers of the island work, if at all? And if the island doesn't have magical powers, then how did Locke get out of his wheelchair?

7. Pregnancy/Fertility Issues
It's safe to assume that these issues are why The Others were so interested in children (though I still believe their interest in Walt was something different entirely), but we still don't know WHY there are issues? Some have guessed that it could be tied to the Black Rock's destruction of the statue, or even to the murder of Jacob and the Man in Black's mother, but both of those events happened well before Ethan's birth in 1977. So this remains a mystery.

There are literally dozens of other questions related to specific characters or moments that even a 2-and-a-half hour finale won't have time to answer. Leave some of your favorites in the comments, and we can all discuss after the finale.