Lost "The End" Rapid Reaction

I'll have a full recap with reaction to "The End", the final episode of "Lost" at some point tomorrow, but for now I just wanted to share some quick thoughts on Sunday night's 2 1/2-hour finale.

I know that there will be some "Lost" fans who'll be disappointed with what they saw, but I think that was the most satisfying ending we could have expected from a show that has teased us with questions for six seasons. Anything that spelled everything out to the letter would have been a letdown, and only would have served to punch holes in so much of the mythology that they established over six seasons. In the end (no pun intended), we got an uplifting explanation for what we'd been calling the "flash-sideways" universe (and how much of a misnomer did that turn out to be?), and a solid conclusion to the on-island action.

In the end, the show was never about "explaining" what The Island was, beyond the metaphorical explanations Jacob gave us this season. But I don't think we needed anything more than that to be satisfied with the characters' actions. If Jacob's explanation of what The Island was and what needed to be done was good enough for Jack, and eventually Hurley, then it should be good enough for us too.

As for Jack giving up his post as the "next Jacob" so quickly, that actually made perfect sense. Jack volunteered for the job when it involved fixing something, specifically the smoke monster. He took care of that, then had one last thing to fix: the light. Once that was done, so was he. Jack was never about "protecting" things, he was always about fixing them. Hurley's the protector, and so it makes perfect sense that he ended up as the long-term replacement for Jacob.

I'll get into much more detail on the final "flash-sideways" explanation in my full recap, but for now, let me just say that I thought it was beautiful. I'm sure there is a large contingent of "Lost" fans that would have preferred the show stick to a pure science-fiction explanation, but I don't think anything they could have done from that standpoint would have been satisfying. This was. Were there characters that should have been in that final scene that weren't? Sure. Mr. Eko comes to mind, as does Walt, but in the end, the most important connections were there for "The End."

It might just be the afterglow of the episode, but I feel like that finale lifted Season 6 to "best season" status. There's no doubt in my mind that this episode gets an A.

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