Lost "The Candidate" Reaction

As you probably know, I went to see "Iron Man 2" last night, so for the first time all season, I didn't see "Lost" on Tuesday night. Not only that, but I made the mistake of logging on to Twitter last night (to share my thoughts on "Iron Man 2") and saw my Twitter feed filled with tons of spoilers for "The Candidate". I don't blame the people who tweeted about it, it's my fault for not being more careful.

So when -- SPOILER ALERT -- Kate got shot, I was ready for it. And when -- SPOILER ALERT -- Jin stayed with Sun on the sub and they died together, the moment didn't have the same emotional impact for me. And when -- SPOILER ALERT -- Rosebud turned out to be his sled... oh, wait, sorry, wrong spoiler.

But seriously, the Jin/Sun moment should have been incredibly powerful, but because I knew it was coming, the impact was lessened. That is, until the subsequent scene on the beach, where Jack told Hurley and Kate that Jin and Sun didn't make it, and Hurley completely broke down. I don't know why, but seeing Hurley lose it like that really brought the moment back for me, if only because Hurley's been through so much and never really had the kind of emotional breakdown like he did last night.

Amazingly, I wasn't that upset that Jin and Sun died, if only because they at least got to die together (though that does leave their daughter in kind of a crappy place). What does kind of piss me off is that with both of them dead -- presumably -- we'll probably never find out whether the Kwon on Jacob's list referred to Jin or Sun. I really wanted that answer, as trivial as it may be (and if they're both dead, it's completely irrelevant, since there are dozens of other names on Jacob's list that we don't know the identities of either).

The flash-sideways continued the Jack/Locke story, while also including some of the Jack/Claire story. I liked that those 3 were together off the island and so linked on the island too. Plus, LA-verse Locke seems to have had his trauma-induced vision of the island-verse, but isn't showing his cards -- just like Flocke isn't showing his cards on the island.

The final interaction between Jack and Locke in the LA-verse was so telling of the two characters, with their roles very much reversed from how they were on the island. Jack was playing the man of faith role, while Locke was the one who didn't want to blindly follow.

Back on the Island, we're getting very close to the final showdown between the groups, including Richard Alpert's group, which hasn't been seen for two episodes now. Also, despite Sayid's "sacrifice" (taking the bomb away to another part of the sub, so not everyone would die), I'm not sure he's actually dead. We didn't see a body, and there's no reason he couldn't be Mikhail-esque at this point.

Four hours to go with this show, and if "The Candidate" is any indication, they're going to be pretty amazing.