Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad

36 years ago today, my parents got married. I'm not sure how much I really believe in "cosmic destiny", but who knows if I'd even be here if they decided to get married on Sunday May 5, 1974 instead of Saturday May 4, 1974. Hell, who knows if things would be different if they'd got married in 1973 or 1975.

Of course, my parents waited six years before having kids, which means that they were married in 1974, but I was born in 1980. If they'd had kids right away, "30 Years of Adam" would have run back in 2005, and I'd be doing "35 Years of Adam" right now. I'd also be the same age as Christina Hendricks, and who knows, maybe she'd be married to me instead of Geoffrey Arend. DAMN YOU!

OK, enough of that. 36 years. That's pretty amazing. I'm not sure my longest relationship lasted 36 weeks, so I can't even fathom 36 years with the same person, but my parents pulled it off. So congrats to them. Here's to another 36!