Fuck You StubHub

I haven't taken the Cavaliers loss in the Conference Semifinals very well, but given time, I'm starting to get over it.

Or, at least, I was, until THIS arrived in my inbox a few minutes ago:

Celtics quest for the championship! Where do you want to sit? How about NOWHERE THE FUCK NEAR THE CELTICS!

Look, StubHub, I know the last time I used your site, it was to buy tickets to a Celtics game in Boston. However, if you take a look at my entire purchasing history, you'll see that every event I've ever purchased tickets for has involved one team: the Cleveland Cavaliers. I do NOT want to go see the team that knocked them out of the playoffs. So go suck it, StubHub Spam Team. You're on the list.


  1. i think you ask too much of a robot. robots do not have feelings and do not empathize with the way you feel. oh, and the cavs suck.


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