Friday Five - Things That Are Better Than Sports

I'm in a very anti-sports mood today, thanks to last night's LeBacle (the Mets losing to the Marlins and the Redskins going after Brian Westbrook didn't help), but that doesn't mean I have to be down, because there are some things in my life that I can enjoy that have nothing to do with sports. Here are five of them:

5. "Iron Man 2"
I'm going to see it again later tonight, this time in IMAX. In case you missed last week's review, I fucking love this move.

4. Comics
This was a massive week for shipping from Marvel, and pretty much every book I bought this week I liked. I'll have more on this either later today or tomorrow.

3. Video Games
You know what's great about video games: the reset button. Like, if the Eastern Conference Semis were a video game, I could have hit the reset button halfway through Game 5 and started the game -- or even the entire series -- over. Life needs save points.

2. Alcohol

1. Christina Hendricks
Yes, please.


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