Friday Five - Clothes for Display Only

In my last edition of Friday Five, I mentioned that I had a pair of LeBrons that weren't in my rotation. It wasn't because they're worn out or out of style or anything, but because I never intended to wear them. Well, that's not exactly true, but we'll get to that as I go over the five items of clothing I purchased for display only.

5. Air Jordan 13

I bought these infant-sized Jordans in 1998 with the express purpose of hanging them from my rearview window. I'm was a huge Michael Jordan fans and an even bigger fan of the Air Jordan 13s (I still have my original white and black pair). These have hung from the window of every car I've owned since '98, but if the Cavs win the title this year, they'll get replaced with baby LeBrons (and I'll probably finally buy a pair of black and red retro 13s to wear).

4. Marlon Anderson "Los Mets" Jersey

I was at a Mets game at Shea Stadium late in 2008 when I started browsing at the high-end clubhouse shop in right field. They had a whole selection of game used jerseys, but this one caught my eye. It served three purposes for me -- I wanted a game-used Mets jersey, a jersey with the Shea Stadium patch and a unique jersey. The "Los Mets" jersey is something you can't really get at a regular store. As for why Marlon Anderson? Well, the only other game-used jerseys they had were all from relief pitchers, and the Mets bullpen sucked in '08. I refused to support them. This jersey is actually boxed up right now, but some day I'll get it framed and display it.

3. Zoom LeBron VI MVP Edition
These came out about a year ago, and PooZ and I actually went down to NYC very early in the morning with the intention of lining up outside of Foot Locker and getting me a pair. Well, they had an extremely limited supply, so by the time I got to the front of the line, the only sizes left were 7, 8 and 15. I'm a size 11. Wearing any of those was out of the question, so I decided on the 15, which is actually LeBron's shoe size. I have these on display in my bedroom, and one day I hope to get them signed.

2. Dollhouse: Olivia Williams's funeral dress from "Haunted"
Obviously, I never had any intention of wearing this. I pretty much covered my reasons for owning this when I got it, but in quick summary here, I loved "Dollhouse" and really wanted to own something from the show. There were a lot of props and costumes in that initial auction group, but this one really stood out to me. It's currently on display on a hanger in my living room, right under the framed COA.

1. Dollhouse: Eliza Dushku's party dress from "Vows"
As the "Dollhouse" auctions continued, I really wanted to get something that Eliza Dushku had worn on the show. There were a lot of decent costumes, but this dress really caught my eye. It was only worn on screen for a few seconds, and then only in a flashback, but it looked freakin' amazing on her. However, it doesn't look nearly as good on a hanger. I eventually need to get a dressform (like VIP Auctions has for displaying their items) so I can truly put it on display. Or, maybe Eliza herself will come over and model it for me. Maybe? Please?