Family Guy: We're Done Here, Right?

Not to go all Comic Book Guy on you here, but seriously "Family Guy"? Worst. Episode. Ever. And that's saying something with how unwatchable most of this season has been. No, you know what's saying something? I actually thought tonight's episode of "The Cleveland Show" was better than tonight's "Family Guy". And it wasn't close.

(Aside: tonight's "Cleveland Show" was actually pretty damn funny. Kanye West had a guest spot as Stoolbend High's resident rapper Kenny West, and got into a rap battle with Cleveland Jr. When Cleveland Jr. rocked the mic for the first time, I actually laughed out loud at that show for the first time in a long time).

Tonight's 150th episode of Family Guy was 40 minutes of existential bullshit followed by 20 minutes of musical numbers -- some old, some new. The actual episode, "Brian and Stewie" was basically unwatchable. In the past, the Brian & Stewie centered musical episodes have been among the show's best, but this was the exact opposite. There was barely anything that could have been considered a joke. Brian eating Stewie's poo out of his diaper, then licking Stewie's ass? That's not funny, that's horrifying, even for a show that made its reputation on pushing boundaries. Brian's admission that he keeps a gun in his safety deposit box in case he wants to commit suicide? How the fuck is that entertaining?

I'm not saying "Family Guy" can't venture into actual issues once in awhile, but the episode still needs to be entertaining. That wasn't entertainment at all. That was Seth McFarlane telling the FOX network, "Hey, I fill up 90 minutes of your Sunday night lineup, so I can do whatever the fuck I want and you can't do shit about it. You already pulled 'Sons of Tucson', which was actually funnier than anything I've done in years, so I know I've got you by the balls. So suck it." Or, something like that.

Then, as if McFarlane wanted to make us eat the metaphorical poo in his diaper, the last musical number of the show was "Shipoopi", which I'd previously considered the least watchable moment in "Family Guy" history. At least Stewie insulted it while introducing it, so that made it mildly better (but not really). Then, to top the whole hour of viewer insulting off, they did this big intro to the great "FCC Song" from a few years back (one of the funniest moments in television history), and then Brian made a joke about how they'd used up all the time for the video in introducing it and now didn't have time to show it.

Well, ya know what Seth McFarlane. I've got ALL THE FUCKING TIME IN THE WORLD to show it on my blog.



  1. This was possibly the WORST episode of Family Guy I have ever watched. I sat there for 40 minutes just wondering when it might actually get funny. I get the fact that "it's just a cartoon" but really, the suicide joke just wasn't funny. I'm pretty sure, this show is done.


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