Desktop Girl of the Week: Rebecca Mader

As you may have read, I re-watched all of Season 6 of "Lost" prior to Sunday's series finale. One of the things that stood out to me was just how smokin' hot Rebecca Mader (who played Charlotte) was. She only appeared in two episodes this season ("Recon", the Sawyer-centric episode, and the finale), but was amazing looking in both of them.

Mader's hotness shouldn't come as a surprise, since she got her start as a model. She's done a number of guest appearances throughout her acting career, including brief runs on the soap operas "All My Children" and "Guiding Light". In 2006, she was cast on the short-lived FOX series "Justice", of which I think I watched one episode (I tuned in for Victor Garber, who I liked from his "Alias" days, but the show wasn't compelling enough to keep my attention).

Mader's big break came when she was added to the large ensemble cast of "Lost" a year later, playing Charlotte Lewis, one of the scientists who arrived on Charles Widmore's freighter. Sadly, her character was killed off during the time travel adventures in Season 5, when it was revealed that Charlotte had actually lived on The Island as a child. Still, the writers found a way to bring her back for two Season 6 episodes in the "flash-sideways" universe, where she looked hotter than she ever had on The Island.

My two favorite things about Mader have to be her accent and her red hair. Being a redhead myself, I've always been partial to redheads, though Mader has recently been seen sporting a blonde 'do (possibly for one of her movie roles this summer). Still, no matter what color her hair is (please, Rebecca, go back to red), she's got that sweet English accent to fall back on. Just hearing a hot woman talk like that makes me melt. Plus, her official Twitter bio says "I heart nerds. Oh, and geeks". If that doesn't cement her DGOW status, then I don't know what does.

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