Buffy Fundraising Auctions - Final Week

Well, here we are, at the last week of my Buffy fundraising auctions. Last week was a little slow with the "Angel" related items -- in fact, the two Wesley figures and the two Darla figures are back up for bids -- but we're still around $380 raised so far (that's gross, not net, but I'm covering the eBay and shipping fees myself).

In addition to the two re-listed auctions from last week, I've got 12 new auctions up for bid, including two premium items, so check out the list.
Buffy "Season 5" Anya DST Action Figure - MOC
"Chosen" Buffy DST Action Figure Sarah Michelle Gellar
Vampire Buffy DST Action Figure Sarah Michelle Gellar
Buffy Buffybot DST Action Figure Sarah Michelle Gellar
Buffy "The Wish" Cordelia DST Action Figure BtVS
Buffy "Lessons" Dawn DST Action Figure BtVS
Buffy Red Dress Glory DST Action Figure BtVS
Buffy Autographed Glory DST Action Figure Clare Kramer
Buffy "The Gift" Glory & Dawn Action Figure Two-Pack
Deluxe "Graduation Day" Buffy DST Action Figure
Buffy Villains Willow Bust #31 of 1000 by DST
Buffy Season 8 Comics #1-8, #10-12, #14, #16 Dark Horse

To see all items I'm selling, just click here. I'm hoping that the signed Glory figure and the Villains Willow bust can help push us over the $500 mark, so my total donation will be over $1000. I already bought my plane ticket and booked my hotel for Chicago, so now it's just a matter of finalizing my donation.

If you want to donate without purchasing something, then just click here to visit my "30 Days to Slay-a-thon post" where there's a PayPal button. Also, I'm still accepting sponsors for my actual trip. I promise to pay you back through promotion, good deeds, general karma, etc.