Birthday Buffy and Faith

As you may remember from the "30 Years of Adam" series, back in 2006, PooZ drew me some slick artwork of Mary Jane Watson for my birthday.

Well, this year, he delivered again, with a matching set of Buffy and Faith artwork, rendered beautifully in marker. It's a different style from what I've normally seen from him, but the matched pair is stunning. He gave them to me on Monday, but I didn't get them hung until today.

I had to move some stuff around in my condo to make a place for them, but it was worth it. My DVD collection is now hidden away in what used to be my dining room, and the Buffy display that was once in there is now in the hallway outside my bedroom, The two new pieces are flanking my autographed Sarah Michelle Gellar picture. It all looks pretty cool, thanks to PooZ.

Check out more close-up pictures of the two pieces of artwork after the jump.
"You Slay Me""Have a Little Faith"