In Review: April's Best

In case you don't remember from last month, here's the drill: is one of the vanity domains for this site. At the start of each month, I use it to spotlight the 5 most "awesome" posts of the previous month (aka the 5 posts that drew the most traffic). So, which posts were awesome in April?

5. Series of Tubes: Fringe "Peter" Recap/Reaction
I called this the best episode of the series and one of the best of any show this season, and apparently my readership agreed.

4. Why I'm Not Buying an iPad... Yet
Well, 27 days after I published this, I still don't have an iPad. This post got a late boost on Friday, with the release of the 3G iPad, and seeing all the issues with streaming video on the 3G reinforces my "wait until the next one" line of thinking on what is actually a pretty amazing device.

3. Jersey Monday: Heath Shuler
There were a lot of people hitting this page from Google searches, probably looking for Donovan McNabb Redskins jerseys. I also had someone offer to buy the Shuler jersey in the comments, but none of my old jerseys are for sale.

2. Boston Comic-Con Recap
This is still getting search-driven traffic, mostly because if you do a Google search for "Boston Comic Con", it shows up on the front page (how's that for some sweet SEO).

1. Review: Buffy #34 - "Twilight, Pt. 3"
This wasn't even close. This review of the most controversial issue in Buffy comics history was responsible for 16% of all traffic on the site in April (even more than the entry page itself). While the majority of the response to the issue I've seen has been negative, I really liked it. I wouldn't categorize myself as a Buffy/Angel shipper, but it was always my favorite of Buffy's relationships, and I can see how the build-up to this was subtly placed into the previous issues. Plus, given what everyone involved with the creation of this issue has said, Joss's plan always led to this, and it continues for issues beyond this, so I'm willing to let things play out.

Post With Staying Power
Desktop Girl of the Week: Christina Hendricks
This was the first DGOW post when I re-launched the feature in February, and actually tied for the 5th-most viewed post in April, despite being two months old. When you do a Google search for "Christina Hendricks Desktop", it's actually the 4th result on the page, and shows up on the first page of Google Image Results.

April Fools Post
"Twilight" is WAY better than "Buffy"
This post, part of the "Eve Reisinger" April Fools joke was actually the 7th-most viewed post of the month, despite having been unpublished for much of the month (all the April Fools posts have since been republished now that we're in May and they won't clog the sidebar) . And, for the record, I've never seen "New Moon" and I think everything about "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" is vastly superior to anything in the "Twilight" universe.