30 Years of Adam: 2005

Adam Reisinger, the creator of AdamReisinger.com, turns 30 on May 17, 2010. As part of the countdown to his 30th birthday, AdamReisinger.com looks back on May 17th each year since 1980.

Over the past year, many people have criticized the government for overspending in a time of economic crisis. But just five years ago, on my birthday, the Senate passed a $295 billion (yes, that's with a B) highway and transportation bill, and three months later, President Bush signed the revised bill, valued at $286B, into law. I don't know exactly what the bill was supposed to do, but I know my commute on I-84 still blows.

As for me personally, well, it's easy to know what I was up to on May 17, 2005, since I blogged it in crazy detail. Without going through all my birthday posts I can't say this for sure, but I'm pretty certain that 2005 was my longest birthday post ever. It was also my first birthday as a "Buffy" fan, as I'd only started watching the series that January. 5 years later, I'm still obsessed.

On the 17th itself, the Mets beat the Reds, 2-1, a nice change of pace from a few days earlier, when they'd lost 7-6 to the Cardinals when I was in attendance. The Mets were in 4th place after the 17th, but just 2 1/2 games out of first. They'd go on to finish 3rd, 4 games above .500 and 6 games out of the Wild Card.

Also, while 2005 was a happy birthday for me, it was a mixed birthday for Spurs point guard Tony Parker, who shares my May 17 birthday (but I was born in 1980 and he was born in 1982, so really, he's just copying me). The Spurs won, so it's not like Parker was too down, but he scored 11 points on 4-13 shooting and dished out 2 assists. Not his finest performance. Then again, San Antonio went on to win the title in '05, so it all worked out for him. Douchebag