30 Years of Adam: 2004

Adam Reisinger, the creator of AdamReisinger.com, turns 30 on May 17, 2010. As part of the countdown to his 30th birthday, AdamReisinger.com looks back on May 17th each year since 1980.

OK, this post is gonna be a little self-referential, kind of like the 2002 post was, but on May 17, 2004, I finally took blogging seriously for the first time, starting the Adam Reisinger Year 25 project. I fully intended to blog every few days, if not at least once a week, and managed to keep that up for, oh, about two months. Still, the 76 posts I wrote in 2004 (well, technically 77, but there's one I refuse to repost) were an all-time high for AdamReisinger.com until 2007. 

Unfortunately, I don't have a backup of that site anywhere -- I'm pretty sure I dumped it when I imported all the entries to iWeb -- which is why the picture above is of my "apartment" (my parents' basement) at the time, instead of a screenshot of the site like I'd wanted. That actually reminds me... 2004 was my last birthday living at home. I moved out about 10 weeks later, and a year after that, I bought my own condo.

Oh, just to keep up with at least one part of this series, the Mets were off on May 17, 2004, as was the entire NBA. As mentioned in my original May 17, 2004 post, I watched High Definition playoff hockey that night. This was the game I was watching.