Tonight's Viewing Plan

As I've written before, Thursday nights tend to be hell on my DVR. Tonight is no exception, with new episodes of FlashForward, Bones and The Vampire Diaries at 8, followed by a new Fringe at 9. Making it even more crowded, there are two new episodes of 30 Rock, which would be fine if they were at 9 and 9:30. But no, they're at 8:30 and 9:30, which means I have to bump something from the DVR during the 8:00 hour (or, I should say something else, since I already have to bump Bones to make room for FlashForward and The Vampire Diaries).

On top of all this, there are two major sporting events I want to keep an eye on tonight. The Cavaliers face the Bulls in Game 3 of their first round series, starting at 7 on TNT. I will definitely be watching every second of that, though I'll be watching in SD so I can keep recording two things on the DVR (I've discovered that my U-Verse DVR lets me record two HD streams while also watching a live SD stream, so that's nice). Then, at 7:30, the 2010 NFL Draft starts up, which means the Redskins should be making their pick (4th overall) right as all my shows are starting at 8.

So what's the plan? Well, I think it'll go something like this:

7pm - 8pm: Watch Cavs-Bulls in HD; recording nothing
8pm - 8:30pm: Watch Cavs-Bulls in HD; record FlashForward in HD
8:30pm - 9pm: Watch Cavs-Bulls in SD; record FlashForward and 30 Rock in HD
9pm - 9:30pm: Watch Cavs-Bulls in HD; record Fringe in HD
9:30pm-10pm: Watch Cavs Bulls in SD (assuming game goes over 2 1/2 hours); record Fringe and 30 Rock in HD

Once the game ends, I can start the catching up process. I'll probably hit the two episodes of 30 Rock first, then try and watch Fringe late tonight, saving FlashForward's mess of a plot for tomorrow, when the only thing on my viewing schedule is the even more fucked-up "Smallville".

As you'll notice, the NFL Draft is completely missing from the viewing plan. Well, like I mentioned above, I only really care about the Redskins pick, so I don't need to watch the entire 3-plus hour first round. I'll keep an eye on the proceedings online, but that'll probably be it.