The Thursday Clusterfuck is Back

Thanks to a bunch of TV hiatuses, my Thursday viewing schedule had been pretty light of late, but then "FlashForward" came back two weeks ago and "The Vampire Diaries" came back last week.

Earlier tonight, FOX finally aired new episodes of "Bones" and "Fringe", meaning my Thursday viewing schedule was complete again -- and my DVR hates me for it.

See, I'm an AT&T U-Verse subscriber and I'm sure you've seen those AT&T commercials where they tell you that you can record up to four shows at once. And while that MAY be true in theory, in practice, you can only record two HD shows at once. So when "Bones", "FlashForward" and "The Vampire Diaries" are all on at the same time, I have to pick one of them to not be recorded.

However, the situation is more complex than you think. See, I'm an NBA fan, and a a sometimes NBA blogger. And every Thursday, there's a nationally televised NBA doubleheader. Sometimes, the Cleveland Cavaliers participate in this doubleheader, and unlike non-national TV games and ESPN games, these Thursday games can't be watched online. So, when the Cavs are playing on Thursday (which they are next week, and probably will be during the playoffs), that's one more 8pm show I have to delete. On top of that, I have to choose between "Fringe" and "30 Rock" during the 9pm hour when the Cavs are on, rather than recording both of them as normal.

Here's how my priorities break down on a Thursday:

8pm Hour
1. Cavaliers Game (if happening)

2. Vampire Diaries

3. FlashForward
4. Bones

- I usually watch FlashForward over Vampire Diaries if there's no Cavs game, but if there is a game, then I record Vampire Diaries, because I despise The CW's online video player. ABC's is OK, and FOX shows go on Hulu, so Bones can easily be watched online.

9pm Hour
1. Cavaliers Game (if happening)
2. Fringe
3. 30 Rock

- Depending on the basketball game, sometimes I'll actually watch 30 Rock live, because most of it ends up falling during halftime. I'll miss something like four minutes of game action. It's worth it. That show is hilarious.