"Serenity": My Perfect Movie

I'm a bitch. Anyone who knows me knows this. My emotions go up and down like a rollercoaster in an earthquake (I also suck at writing good metaphors). So despite the fact that last week was awesome -- starting with the Cavs game last Sunday, the release of Buffy #34 on Wednesday and Boston Comic-Con on Saturday, by about 4 p.m. yesterday, I just wanted to crawl into a hole somewhere and disappear from the world. Thanks to my fucked up brain chemistry, that feeling continued all the way through Monday (I think sometimes my brain works like the rubber band AI from "NBA Jam"... You know how in that game, if you got really far ahead, your team started to miss shots, while the other team couldn't miss, and the reverse was true if you fell really far behind? Well, I think my brain doesn't like it when I get really happy, so it fucks with me).

By the time I was driving home after work Monday, I just needed a good cry (again, I'm a bitch. Sorry, it's true.). So when I got home, I poured myself a drink (tequila, straight up... I'm not a complete bitch) and popped in my favorite cry movie: "Serenity".

Now, if you're familiar with the movie, you're probably wondering how "Serenity" is my go-to movie for crying, but somehow over the last couple of years, "Serenity" has become my go-to movie for everything. Need a hot chick fix? "Serenity" has the incomparable Morena Baccarin, as well as Jewel Staite and Summer Glau. Need some motivation? There's Mal's speech on Haven and his speech on Miranda. Looking for some knockdown drag-em-out action? The two fights between Mal and The Operative are fucking amazing.

As for the crying? Well, there plenty of emotional moments too. Wash's death. Book's death. River seeing Simon get shot. But the one that always gets me is the scene on Miranda where the crew comes upon Dr. Caron's last recording, the one that unlocks the secret River's been holding inside her.

I lose it every time I see this scene. It's not just Sarah Paulson (the actress playing Dr. Caron). It's the reactions of everyone else watching the video. I particularly love that Jayne is the one who asks for the video to be turned off. He's always been portrayed as the toughest guy in the group (hell, he takes a harpoon through the leg early in the movie), but even he can't handle that. Inara's ready to break down, and everyone else is pretty much just in total shock.

The only other movie scene I can think of that does that to me consistently is the final scene from "Field of Dreams", the very last lines between Ray and his dad. But "Field of Dreams" can't fill all my other movie needs, and as a leading man, Costner has nothing on Nathan Fillion.

So, yeah, I just finished watching "Serenity" for what has to be at least the 30th time. And yes, I cried multiple times. And yes, I actually do feel better. Still, you may wanna steer clear of me for a couple days, until my rubber band AI evens the score.