NBA Western Conference Playoff Predictions

OK, with the East out of the way, it's time to move on to the West, where there seems to be more potential for upsets.

1 Lakers def. 8 Thunder, 4-2
Kevin Durant is gonna do some special things in this series, but it won't be enough to overcome the defending champs.

2 Mavericks def. 7 Spurs, 4-2
For some reason, this is the matchup the Spurs wanted in the first round. If San Antonio is completely healthy, they can give the Mavs a run for their money. But George Hill is already hurt, and I'm not sure how much Parker and Duncan have left in the tank (at least for a this-year perspective for Parker).

3 Suns def. 6 Blazers, 4-1
Portland has done some amazing things with its slapped-together lineup this year, but this is where it ends. Phoenix is playing great right now.

4 Nuggets def. 5 Jazz, 4-3
I might have been tempted to pick Utah in this series, but with Andrei Kirilenko is out for two weeks, and he's a key part of their success. Denver's had its own issues of late, but the Nuggets are pretty good.

4 Nuggets def. 1 Lakers, 4-3
LA just hasn't been as good as they were last year, and Andrew Bynum's health is still a question mark. What's not a question is Derek Fisher -- everyone just knows he's all washed up. Chauncy Billups is too good of a point guard not to take advantage of that.

3 Suns def. 2 Mavericks, 4-2
Steve Nash is having another resurgent season, and he's gonna make Mark Cuban pay for not re-signing him a few years back.

4 Nuggets def. 3 Suns, 4-3
Accuscore shows this potential series as pretty much a toss-up, so that's why I have it going 7. As for why I picked the Nuggets? Well, look back at my East post and then check out that potential Finals matchup. Oh, and check back in about an hour for my NBA Finals prediction.