Lost: "The Last Recruit" Reaction

I don't have it in me to recap every single detail of these last few episodes of "Lost", because I really want to sit back and enjoy them on the whole. So instead of a full recap, I'll just give some quick reactions to what happened on last night's episode, another classic in this great season.

- The scene with Jack and Flocke in the jungle, with Jack asking questions and Flocke giving answers, was very well done. On some level, all the answers we got were things we already knew, but on a larger scale I feel like that scene was the creators' way of speaking to the audience, and telling us to trust what we already believe.

- The Jin/Sun reunion was as emotional as I expected it to be, no more, no less. It would have been nice if Sun would have had a little more time to tell Jin about their child before they got interrupted by Widmore's people, but that'll come soon enough, I'm sure.

- Speaking of Jin and Sun's child, we saw that the baby Sun is carrying in the flash-sideways universe is OK, despite Sun being shot in the stomach in her previous LA-verse appearance. Oh, also, Sun is OK, and not dead. She was, however, brought to the same hospital as paralyzed/run-over Locke at the same time, and started to freak out when she saw him being wheeled in next to her. Safe to say she "saw something" much in the same way Charlie, Desmond, Hurley, etc. already have.

- This episode was all about reunions, both on the island and off. The on-island stuff shouldn't have come as a surprise, since we saw Team Jack arriving at Team Flocke's camp at the end of last episode, and the Jin/Sun reunion was teased all week in the promos. The LA-verse stuff is way more intriguing. Desmond is still bringing people together in his own way (this time it was Claire and Jack, who met for the first time in the LA-verse, and were re-united as brother and sister for the first time in the island-verse). Locke and Sun ended up at the same hospital, and Jack was called in to perform surgery on Locke. Since Ben rode in on the ambulance with Locke, he's presumably in the hospital too -- the same hospital where we previously saw Charlie, and Desmond had his MRI-induced vision. Meanwhile, Sawyer has arrested Kate, and he and Miles are now on the Sayid case, which ended with them arresting Sayid after seeing the security footage of him killing Keamy and crew. Presumably that same footage will lead them to the hospital to question Jin and Sun, so everyone can be together when whatever happens, happens.

- I love how Jack seems to be channeling multiple other characters. His whole speech to Sawyer about the island and their destiny reeked of old-school Locke (and, as an aside, I loved Flocke's whole speech about how Locke was a "sucker"). His jump off Sawyer's escape boat was a callback to Sawyer's leap off the helicopter.

- Completely random, but hearing Hurley drop another "Star Wars" reference was awesome. I really want Hurley to get his own spin-off sitcom. Maybe he can replace Charlie Sheen on "Two and a Half Men" and make that show not suck.

- OK, getting back to the meat of the episode now, in the final scene, Sawyer's boat arrived on Hydra Island and they were ambushed by Widmore's people. Tina Fey lite told Sawyer the deal was off, and then radioed to someone to have them open fire on Flocke's camp. A mortar hit the camp, sending Jack flying. The scene of Jack looking out on the carnage on the beach was awesome, a great callback to the pilot episode. And then Flocke picked up Jack and ran him out into the jungle, and said, "it's OK. You're with me now.". God, I hope that's not true. If Jack's been "claimed", it messes up all my theories about how this ends, plus is a really sucky ending for probably the most focused-on character arc of the show. My guess is that Jack isn't really claimed, but will go along with Flocke to deceive him, making sure he doesn't leave the island. Only 5 more hours before we know for sure.