IHOP Escalates Horrifying Food Wars

A few weeks ago, KFC took its chicken-as-the-bun Double Down sandwich national, sparking a debate over just how far was too far in the world of fast food. However, apparently IHOP saw the Double Down and thought "how can we bring that same batshit insanity to breakfast?"

The answer? The new Pancake Stackers:

Yeah, it's a layer of cheesecake in between two pancakes, with fruit topping and whipped cream. Amazingly, this abomination of breakfast isn't served alone. It comes as part of a whole meal, with eggs, bacon and other breakfasty goodness.

Now, when I first saw the Double Down, I thought fast food had finally reached a level I couldn't go to, but I now see what's happening. The world is coming together to combine foods in unnatural ways in hopes of creating the perfect storm of three meals of horror. KFC was first to the table with lunch, and now IHOP has breakfast taken care of. Now we just need dinner.

So who's gonna step to the plate? Burger King tried the Quad Stacker but they don't really promote that anymore (it's still on their menu). The McDonald's angus burger is a good start, but we really need to double that up. Plus, the stacker and the angus are both just normal burgers. There's no "chicken-as-bun" or "cheesecake-in-the-pancakes" aspect to them.

Once the dinner item is revealed (and it has to be a regular menu item that the chain is actively promoting to qualify) I promise to do a three-meal tour of these debacles. I don't think I'll survive, but it must be done. For Science!


  1. Fat guy food reviews..... Um blogspot? You and Gaug should team up.

  2. I will join you on your food tour.


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