At this time next week, I'll probably be standing in line somewhere to see "Iron Man 2", and I'm crazy excited about it. I've got Iron Man on the brain, which is why when I saw this tonight at the supermarket, I had to buy it:

Yeah, that's an Iron Man Pez dispenser. They actually had a whole display of Marvel characters, but Iron Man was the only one I wanted. I used to have a Pez collection displayed in my kitchen -- including a full set of "Star Wars" characters -- but those are all in boxes now. Iron Man isn't going in a box anytime soon. He's awesome, even if he is classic comic Iron Man and not cool new movie/modern Iron Man.

Also, I was a little disappointed about the actual included Pez. With Iron Man, shouldn't it be strawberry and lemon, not strawberry and grape? That seems like a missed opportunity. Still Iron Pez fucking rules. The unpackaged picture is after the jump.


Now I just need Captain Pezmerica, PezThor and Pez Fury to complete the Pezvengers. Yeah, I'm a huge dork. I don't care. It's Iron Man + Pez!