Happy Birthday Sarah Michelle Gellar!

I can't believe I almost let this entire day go by without wishing Sarah Michelle Gellar -- a.k.a. Buffy Summers, a.k.a. my future wife -- a happy birthday.

Gellar, who is actually married to Freddie Prinze Jr. and not to me, was born on April 14, 1977. She started being awesome shortly thereafter. She remains one smoking hot 33-year-old

Most people know Gellar from her seven-season run on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", but that's not all she's done, not by a long-shot. So here's a primer on some of her best non-"Buffy" roles that you may want to watch on Gellar Day:

I Know What You Did Last Summer
I love this movie, and Gellar looks amazing in it. It seems kind of dated now (it came out in '97 and feels very '90s), but it did a good job establishing the new teen horror genre along with "Scream".

Scream 2
Speaking of "Scream" Gellar had a supporting role in the sequel. She dies VERY early on. The movie itself isn't bad, but if you're looking for an SMG fix, you can turn it off after she dies her gruesome death.

Cruel Intentions
Actually, just skip "Scream 2" altogether and watch this classic. By '99, Gellar was already in the public consciousness as the heroic Buffy Summers, but she proved she could handle the bad girl roles too, playing the devious Kathryn Merteuil with ease. Kathryn was Blair Waldorf before Blair Waldorf even knew what couture was.

The Grudge
Every time I watch this movie, I keep expecting Gellar's Karen to break into Buffy mode and just start whooping on the evil spirits haunting the house. Or, ya know, at least consult with Giles or something. But I have to remind myself that Sarah Michelle Gellar isn't ACTUALLY Buffy, and she does a pretty good job as Karen in this movie.

She's got other roles on her resume (like "Scooby Doo" or the incredibly confusing "Southland Tales") but I'd stick with the ones above, or, of course, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." In fact, I'm off to watch "Once More, With Feeling" right now. Give me something to sing about!