Friday Five - LeBrons in My Rotation

Pictured above are my new Zoom LeBron VII PS editions, which I received from yesterday and wore for the first time today. They're awesome. They're also the fifth pair of LeBrons in my regular sneaker rotation, and, since today is Friday, that makes a perfect topic for my Friday Five.

1. Air Zoom Generation, 2003-04

These were the very first LeBrons, and they weren't even technically LeBrons, since they didn't have his name in the official shoe name. But these were his first Nikes, made specifically for him, and PooZ and I both bought them the day they came out in 2003. I remember walking down to Foot Locker on my lunch break to get them, then showing them off to the two co-workers I had that even cared about sneakers. Then I proceeded to beat the shit out of them for the next two years. They're practically falling apart now, but I still wear them once in awhile.

2. Zoom LeBron V SVSM Edition, 2007-08

The Zoom LeBron V SVSM Birthday Pack was released in late 2007 (to coincide with LeBron's 23rd birthday) but I didn't see them in person until February of 2008 when I made a trip to Cleveland. They were sold out at the Cavs team store at The Q, but fortunately they were available to Nike Club members through I ordered them as soon as I got back to my hotel and have managed to keep them in pretty good shape. People always comment how they look like golf shoes (with the green suede and the white strap creating a spat effect) but I still love them.

3. Zoom Soldier II, 2008 Playoffs

My first playoff LeBrons were the Zoom Soldier II, which I picked up the first time I saw them. I liked them because they were so much lighter than the Zoom LeBron V, and had more of a Cavs color scheme going on. One of the eyelets popped out a few months ago, but I still wear the shoe because it's insanely comfortable. I'd also love to track down the United We Rise version they did of these for the 2008 Olympics.

4. Max LeBron VII NFW

When the Max LeBron VII came out -- switching LeBrons over to the Air Max system from the Zoom Air system -- I had mixed feelings about them. I really liked the air bubble going around the entire bottom of the shoe, but I didn't like the flywire styling on the upper part of the shoe. So when the NFW (or "no flywire") was unveiled, I loved it. I try not to wear them more than once a week, so I can keep them as pristine as possible.

5. Zoom LeBron VII PS

Frosted outsole. Solid white midsole. Black patent leather lower vamp. Remind you of anything? There is definitely some Jordan 11 inspired styling in LeBron's latest postseason shoe, and since I adore the Jordan 11, I had to get these. What this picture doesn't show (and my picture above barely shows) is just how red the tongue is. It's very bright and solid red. I actually like it that way, since I'm not a huge fan of mostly black shoes (and the only reason I got these in black rather than the white colorway LeBron has been wearing so far in the playoffs was to be able to change things up from the mostly white NFWs).

For those that have been longtime readers of this blog, you'll notice that there's one pair of LeBrons I purchased that isn't listed above. That's because it's not in my sneaker rotation. And we'll cover the reason why in next week's Friday Five.