Flirty Five - Reasons I LOVE Taylor Swift


OK, I think anyone that knows me or follows me on Twitter knows that I LOVE LOVE LOVE Taylor Swift (and you can follow HER on Twitter too! XOXO). Today I was just about to leave work to go get lunch and "Love Story" came on the in-store music system and I didn't even leave until the song was over. That's how much I love this girl.

But why do I love her so much? Well, I'll give you five reasons.

1. I LOVE Country Music
OK, sure, I grew up in the northeast, but that doesn't mean I can't love country music. Reba McEntire, Faith Hill, Shania Twain, they're all awesome, but none of them are as awesome as Taylor Swift.

2. Her Songs Are Great!
Did you know Taylor Swift writes her own songs? Well she does. And her lyrics are amazing. It's like getting to read her diary, but in music form. That's the best kind of song ever!

3. She's SO Pretty
I'm almost jealous of Taylor she looks so good. She's got the cutest smile and always looks so perfect in all her pictures. And I wish I could be that skinny.

4. She's in EVERYTHING!
OK, so, like some singers only do singing and stuff, and that's cool for them and whatever, but not Taylor. She's on TV and in movies and she sings too! She's totally a part of every part of my life, so I never have to go even like a minute without Taylor Swift.

5. Kanye West was such a meanie to her
I was totally in love with Taylor way before last year's VMAs, but OMG, I felt SO sorry for her when that big meanie crashed the stage and stole her moment. And sure, Beyonce was so freakin' cool to let Taylor come up at the end, but Taylor should have won that award too! Life's so not fair.