Desktop Girl of the Week: Zoe Saldana

I wasn't quite sure about making Zoe Saldana this week's DGOW selection, until I came across this picture. I love the composition of it, and how raw she looks, which is so different from how she normally comes across. It's a really great image, one I wouldn't mind having on my desktop.

As for Saldana herself, well, most people know her for her recent starring roles as Uhura in "Star Trek" and Neytiri in "Avatar" (though she was a CGI'd blue cat-person in that one), but to me she'll always be one of Britney Spears's co-stars in "Crossroads". You thought we forgot about that one, didn't you Zoe? Well, let me assure you, obsessive Britney fans NEVER forget.

Horrible Britney Spears projects aside, Saldana's really had a good movie career. She had a small role in the first "Pirates of the Carribean" movie, played Ashton Kutcher's fiancée with the late Bernie Mac in "Guess Who" and was in the underrated multiple POV thriller "Vantage Point". It wasn't until this past summer that Saldana really became a "star", but the seeds were planted a long time ago.

Saldana has three projects coming out in the near future. "Death at a Funeral", the Chris Rock production with the enormous cast, comes out on April 16. A week later, "The Losers", based on the DC comic of the same name, hits theaters. Saldana has pretty big roles in both of them, and will also be seen later this summer in "Takers", which appears to be more late summer mediocre fare than what we've come to expect from her. Still, I have high hopes for both of her April releases, even if "The Losers" has the misfortune of coming out the same summer as the remake of "The A-Team" (both movies share a similar premise).

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