Desktop Girl of the Week: Morena Baccarin

I really want "V" to be good. I enjoyed the pilot, and kept watching even as the news of possible cancellation swirled about, particularly during the long hiatus. The first three episodes back from the break have been disappointing, and I see no evidence that that's going to change. So why do I keep putting up with the show if I'm not liking it? Two words: Morena Baccarin.

Morena, who is probably best known for her role as companion Inara Serra on "Firefly" (and the movie version "Serenity") is further proof that women from Brazil are 432% hotter than their American counterparts. She was pretty much an unknown when she was cast in "Firefly", but quickly made the role stand out.

After the untimely cancellation of "Firefly", Morena moved on to a role on the even shorter-lived series "Still Life", which produced a few episodes but never actually aired on U.S. television. She reprised her role as Inara in "Serenity", and did a three-episode guest spot on "The O.C.", which, I swear, I've never seen.

I did see Morena in her one-episode guest spot on the short-lived Fox series "Kitchen Confidential" (maybe Morena+Fox isn't a good mix), where she played the mistress of the restaurant owner, who also slept with Bradley Cooper's leading character (random aside: when you get a chance, check out the cast of "Kitchen Confidential". Cooper, Bones's John Francis Daley, Bonnie Sommerville, Harold and Kumar's John Cho... there's some decent star power there... I think Fox gave up on that show too quickly. It was funny). She also had a guest spot on "How I Met Your Mother", where she played a smokin' hot coffee girl who accidentally gave Barney the nickname "Swarley". She also had "crazy eyes", but let's be honest, with Morena, you're not looking at her eyes.

Before landing the leading role in "V", Morena had runs on "Stargate: SG-1" and "Heartland", though, I have to admit I never saw them. I was, however, thrilled when the "V" ads started to run last year and I saw she was returning to network TV. Now I get my Morena fix every Tuesday (well, and every time I watch "Serenity", which is often), even if the show still isn't great.

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  1. I love Morena too and I'm female. I was so excited to see her on "V." The pilot was amazing simply because she was the ultimate stoic bad-ass. I love her in that role. It's vastly different than anything I've seen her in. Hey you should check her out in the deleted scenes of It's so Sunny in Philediphia (sp?). It's pretty funny.

  2. If she is a man I will puke!


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