Desktop Girl of the Week: Erica Durance

I keep watching "Smallville" on a weekly basis even though it's awful. I started watching a few years back from James Marsters (aka Spike from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer") and I've kept watching even as the plots get dumber and dumber (a quick aside here: in this past episode, a key plot point was Lois punching Clark to cause a scene so she could grab someone's cell phone. When she punched Clark -- a.k.a. Superman -- shouldn't her hand have shattered into a million pieces? Yeah, that didn't happen. WTF?!) for one reason: Erica Durance.

Is Durance the image in my head when I think of "Lois Lane"? Not even close. Is she the image in my head when I think of "amazingly hot Canadian chicks on shitty TV shows". Absolutely. There's no denying Durance is a hottie, and the creators of "Smallville" know it, because it seems like half the plots on the show revolve around putting her in the skimpiest outfits possible. It seems like in the "Smallville" universe, Lois Lane's idea of investigative journalism is going undercover as a stripper, because it happens every 3 or 4 episodes.

Durance has had roles other than "Smallville", but they've been pretty far off the radar (seriously, they made a "Butterfly Effect 2"? Really?). She's also married. She got married at 18, back in 1996, then divorced in 2001, before she became an actress. She's currently married to David Palffy, a Canadian actor and director who co-starred with her in the 2003 abomination "House of the Dead". Hell, it's amazing Durance ever got another role after that movie.

Well, she did, and she continues to heat up my TV screen every Friday (or Saturday, or Sunday, or whenever I get around to watching the DVR'd episode of "Smallville" that will inevitably make me hate myself even more).

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