"Buffy" for a Good Cause: Two Months to Slay-A-Thon 2010

I'm not generally a "cause" person. I support a handful of charitable organizations, but I don't do a lot of fund raising for them, because I tend to believe that people should do what they want with their money, particularly when it comes to charity. When you donate to a charity, it should be because you both believe in the cause at hand and enjoy the donation/fund-raising process.

For me, the event that does this the best is "Slay-a-Thon". It's a "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" themed fund-raiser for the Make-A-Wish foundation held annually in Chicago. I love what Make-A-Wish does, because life isn't just about surviving, it's about living. I remember sitting at Slay-A-Thon '06 and hearing the Make-A-Wish beneficiary from the previous year talk about her wish. It was truly amazing -- I don't want to call it life-changing, but it was eye-opening, showing me how one day and one experience could really make a person's life better, especially after all that girl had been through.

The event itself features a bunch of "Buffy"/"Angel"/Whedon-verse fans watching episodes of Joss Whedon shows all day long -- think of it like a marathon for people who'd much rather watch TV than run 26.2 miles. There are other events interspersed between the episodes, including a silent auction, a live auction and trivia games. There's also a sing-along for "Once More, With Feeling" and in recent years "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog".

So, here's where you come in. Obviously, I'm going to be attending Slay-A-Thon '10 on June 19, and unlike when I went in 2006, I'm going to try to get people to donate (note: I donated myself in '06, and bought plenty in the auctions, so it's not like I was a deadbeat attendee). I'm not asking for much. Whatever you can spare would be helpful. My personal donation will probably be $500, and I'm hoping my blog readers/Twitter followers/Facebook friends can combine to match that.

If you know me personally and see me on a daily (or even infrequent) basis, you can donate via cash or check. If you can't get the money to me personally for my June trip to Chicago, you can still donate via PayPal. Just click the PayPal button below. On the PayPal site, enter in your donation amount and then log-in. Before you finish the process, you'll see an "Add special instructions to merchant" link under the "Make A Wish Donation" description. Click on that and type in my name -- "Adam Reisinger" -- so the organizers know which attendee you're helping. Hell, if you wanna donate and don't want to put in my name, that's fine too, because you'd still be helping a good cause. But if you do support me, drop me an e-mail, so I can track you on my donations sheet.

For more step-by-step PayPal donation instructions, follow these directions from the Slay-A-Thon organizers. Also, be sure to check out my pictures from Slay-A-Thon '06, and always stay unapologetically awesome.