In Review: March's Best

For those that don't know, a few days ago I bought the domain name "", because I liked the idea of having it, and the fact that there's a .me TLD amused me.

So, with that in mind, let's take a look at which posts on (better known as were the most awesome (i.e. the posts with the most pageviews) in the month of March, counting down from #5 to #1.

5. Series of Tubes: Lost "Ab Aeterno" Reaction
My take on the Richard-centric episode of "Lost" started off a little offbeat, but then got into my normal "Lost" reaction mode. This was my favorite episode of the season so far, but wasn't close to being my most-viewed recap.

4. Series of Tubes: Lost "Recon" Reaction
I still say that a Sawyer/Miles buddy cop show would be one of the best shows on television, an opinion I first shared in this post recapping an episode of "Lost" (sensing a trend yet?). I'm still very interested to see the resolution to Kate and Sawyer's chance encounter in the last LA-verse scene of this episode.

3. Series of Tubes: Chuck Versus Everyone Leaving?
My recap/reaction to "Chuck Versus the Tic-Tac" has been getting a lot of Google-driven traffic for people searching for "Adam Baldwin leaving Chuck". Well, as we've seen in the subsequent episodes, that's obviously not happening, and the show is better for it (and I promise I'll have another "Chuck" recap soon, most likely after this next episode).

2. Desktop Girl of the Week: Jen Friel
Talk about knowing your audience. Jen's appearance as a DGOW selection quickly pushed her to the top of this chart. She got nearly twice as many pageviews as Chuck's Sarah Lancaster, the second-most viewed DGOW selection in March.

1. Series of Tubes: Lost "The Package" Recap/Reaction
Better late than never, right? This was the second-to-last post of the month, but has dominated the pageviews since going up late Tuesday night (oh, and because I did a full recap of the episode, the "average time on page" metric has been kicking ass on this entry).

It's also worth noting that the main entry page of the site got four times more traffic than any individual entry. With that in mind, would you guys like me to drop the "Read More" links in favor of more content on the front page, or should I keep it as it is, so you don't have to scroll forever (before you answer, imagine that entire "Lost" recap from "The Package" on the front page. That thing got REAL long).  Also, maybe I should do more "Lost" recaps... oh, wait... there are only 7 episodes left. D'oh.