30 Years of Adam: 1993

Adam Reisinger, the creator of AdamReisinger.com, turns 30 on May 17, 2010. As part of the countdown to his 30th birthday, AdamReisinger.com looks back on the major events in the world on May 17th each year since 1980.

The stakes weren't as high. The shot wasn't as dramatic. The game wasn't as memorable. But on May 17, 1993, Michael Jordan stuck it to the Cleveland Cavaliers again, hitting "The Shot II" over Gerald Wilkins, eliminating the Cavs from the playoffs and sending the Bulls on to the conference finals, where they'd eventually beat the Knicks, then the Suns to win their third consecutive NBA title.

Unlike in '89, Jordan's legacy as a clutch player was already secure by the time hit hit The Shot II in '93. And the Bulls were up 3-0 in that series, so even if he missed, it wasn't like they were going home. Hell, if he missed, the Bulls wouldn't have even lost right there, since the game was tied. So you can see why The Shot II isn't nearly as big a deal as The Shot (you know, the one that has been in every Jordan and NBA commercial since '89).

I may be a Cavs fan now, but in '93 I was definitely a Jordan fan, and this was the second consecutive year he had a memorable game on my birthday. Meanwhile, the Mets were busy getting shelled by the Pirates, falling further into the NL East cellar (yes, even behind the expansion Marlins). That '93 Mets team -- the one with Bobby Bonilla -- was just an atrocity.