30 Years of Adam: 1983

Adam Reisinger, the creator of AdamReisinger.com, turns 30 on May 17, 2010. As part of the countdown to his 30th birthday, AdamReisinger.com looks back on the major events in the world on May 17th each year since 1980.

27 years ago, Adam was just a happy three-year-old, oblivious to things like "taxes" and "budgets". Well, Ronald Regan wasn't, and he was threatening to veto any bill that would increase taxes over the next two fiscal years. It was the central matter of his 17th formal news conference, held, coincidentally enough, on May 17, 1983. That same day, Lebanon, Israel and the U.S. signed a joint agreement on Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon, which totally solved everything the Middle East forever (except, you know, not at all).

The Islanders once again dominated sports news on Adam's birthday (it's a good thing Adam was too young to know what hockey was, otherwise he might have become an Islanders fan, and that would just be tragic). They clinched their fourth consecutive Stanley Cup, beating the Oilers 4-2 to earn a 4-0 series sweep.

Thanks to the pitching of aging vet Tom Seaver and the hitting of phenom Darryl Strawberry, the Mets gave young Adam a happy 3rd birthday, beating the Padres 6-4. However, they were still 12-20 on the season, tied for last in the NL East (and tied for 2nd-worst in all of baseball).

Notable May 17, 1983 birthdays:
- basketball player Channing Frye
- deceased football player Chris Henry
- baseball player Jeremy Sowers


  1. WTF?!? I was born, hell, best shit to happen that year! (PS.... John is an islanders fan, and yes, it is sad.)


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