2010 NBA Finals Prediction

Last year, there was a team that was slightly under the radar, but was very good, record-wise. This team played very well against the best team in its conference, and swept the season series from the best team in the other conference. People dismissed their regular-season success, but they ended up reaching the NBA Finals, before losing in 5 to a team they swept in the regular season.

A year ago, that team was the Orlando Magic. The team that meets that same description this year -- minus the 60-win season -- is the Denver Nuggets. And the team they swept in the regular season, the team they'll lose to in 5 in the NBA Finals, is the Cleveland Cavaliers.

It seems everyone involved with the NBA wants a Kobe-LeBron finals, but I'd be much more interested in seeing a Carmelo-LeBron series, especially after the way they two went at each other this season in their two meetings.

So why do I think the Cavs would win this eventual series in 5 games? Because Denver has no answer for Shaquille O'Neal. Yes, Shaq isn't the Shaq of old (he's really just Old Shaq), but he can still cause problems for a guy like Nene.

So there you have it, my official Finals prediction: Cavaliers over Nuggets in 5 games. Check back in two months to see just how wrong I was.