You Gotta Have Faith... and Buffy... and Willow... and...

When I got home today, I had a nice surprise waiting for me on the doorstep: my Tooned-Up Faith Maquette from Sideshow Collectibles. I wasn't actually expecting it until tomorrow, but getting it today gives me a nice reason to share this bit of site news.

The Buffy Collectibles section, formerly created in iWeb and not updated for about three months (and down for the last month or so), has finally been re-done from scratch, and is ready to go on the new

Upon rebuilding the site, I discovered that I need to re-take a lot of photos. Back when I was photographing my Buffy collectibles, I had a considerably worse camera, and was rushing through the pictures since I was taking so many of them. Now I've got a better camera, a bigger memory card and a cleaner photographic set-up for collectibles, so I'm much more meticulous about shooting them (I took about a dozen shots of the Faith maquette before getting to the one seen above). Eventually I'll re-shoot the older stuff, but since 90% of it is boxed up in a basement right now, that's not an immediate priority.

The gallery isn't completely up to date, as I'm still missing some statue pictures, some comic covers, and I haven't updated which of my comics are signed, but it's way better than it had been. Plus it doesn't take up nearly as much web space, and it's significantly easier for me to update. Of course all that technical stuff is stuff you don't care about, so why don't you check out the pictures and enjoy the Buffyverse (and Angelverse and Serenity/Fireflyverse) in all its collectible glory. Buffy Collectibles Section