Thoughts on "The Guild" Issue #1

As I mentioned in yesterday's "Desktop Girl of the Week" post, I'm just getting into "The Guild", so I didn't know exactly what to expect when I picked up the first issue of the Dark Horse comic based on Felicia Day's popular web series. So I was pleased to discover that not only was the comic a prequel to the web series (something of an origin story for Day's Cyd/Codex character) but was also entirely relatable.

The majority of the comics I read fall squarely in the superhero genre, and the rest are "Buffy" related, so it's not like my standard monthly reading is full of characters who are going to remind me of me, but Cyd does that. I actually enjoyed seeing her go through her little self-pity period, questioning who she was, in part because I knew she was going to come out better for it on the other end (that's the benefit of this being a prequel) but also because I think so many of us go through the same thing in our lives.

The story is written by Day herself, so it obviously does a great job of capturing not just the essence of her character, but the quirks and dialogue too. In reading the book, you can really hear Day's voice coming through. In fact, some of the book's script sounds better if you imagine Felicia's voice in your head, since her tone doesn't always translate perfectly to the printed word.

Also, in an era where most of the women in comics are drawn like over-sexed fantasy chicks (and, again, if you'd seen the artwork hanging in my living room, you'd know I don't mind this), it's nice to see a female-centric book with a main character who actually looks human. Artist Jim Rugg does a great job here capturing Felicia realistically while not making it look like he's tracing pictures of her onto the page. I think artists who have to draw characters based on real people have the biggest challenge in the comic book industry, and Rugg does a great job in this book making Cyd recognizable as Felicia.

I don't know if "The Guild" is the type of book that's going to draw a huge audience outside of the people who already consider themselves Felicia Day fans (though the alternate cover by Cary Nord, pictured here, could at least get people to pick it up), but people who do appreciate Day and "The Guild" will be happy with this first installment.