Series of Tubes: Lost "Sundown" Reaction

Well, after two relatively lackluster episodes, "Lost" got back on track in a big way Tuesday night.

First off, let me say that the title of the episode threw me for a loop. I figured an episode named "Sundown" would be about Sun, especially since the order of the LA-verse scenes had mirrored the flashback scenes from season one. Well, not this episode, which instead featured Sayid, who definitely ranks among the show's strongest characters.

We still don't know exactly what's going on in the LA-verse, but for Sayid, it still involves him being the go-to guy for violence. He also still isn't with Nadia, though for different reasons. Basically, no matter what the status of the island is, Sayid's life is pretty much gonna suck. And it was in watching those scenes that I figured out two things about the LA-verse:

- the characters are going to face very similar conflicts to what they did off-island in the island-verse
- the characters are destined to cross paths, no matter what they do

Whether it's Kate and Claire ending up in the same cab, Claire and Ethan dealing with her pregnancy again, Locke working for Hurley, Locke and Ben teaching at the same school, Jack and Dogen meeting at a piano recital, Sayid killing Keamy or Sayid finding Jin (and I know I missed some -- that's just a partial list) these people aren't just connected by a flight.

Putting aside the LA-verse for a second, the progress in the plot on the island was amazing. It seemed like the last two or three episodes were all a bunch of set up, and now we know what they were setting up. Much like in Season 4, where Jack and Locke split and people had to decide who to follow, the island is divided into two factions now -- the Jacob group (led by Ilana, though we'd assume she'll be tracking down Jack and Hurley soon enough) and the Man in Black group (led by, well, the man in black, though he now looks like Locke). People are choosing sides, with sometimes fatal results.

Oh, speaking of fatal, Dogen and his hippie sidekick are dead (in one of Sayid's biggest kick-ass scenes since the Season 3 finale where he killed a guy with his legs). I can't say I'm sad about that. They weren't quite Nikki and Paulo, but I got the feeling that as long as they were around, Jack and Ben (and who would've predicted back in Season 3 that those two would likely end up on the same side) wouldn't be able to take their rightful places as leaders. We got everything we needed out of Dogen, and now he's gone. Good for him.

Also, when Kate emerged from the temple, following Claire, she seemed to have that same dazed look that Claire had at times in the previous episode. I'd assume her encounter with the smoke monster (when she was looking up at it while hiding in Claire's temple pit) did something to her, but we won't know for sure until next week.

Speaking of next week, it's the much-anticipated Ben episode, and looking at the guest cast, we're going to be seeing a lot of familiar faces.