Series of Tubes: Lost "Recon" Reaction

Through eight episodes of the final season of "Lost", I think we can safely place each episode into one of two categories: an "answers" episode and a "progress" episode. Tuesday night's episode "Recon" fell squarely into the latter category. It wasn't about getting answers about the island or about characters, but about moving the on-island story forward, so it can start to reach some kind of general conclusion.

The Sawyer-centric episode featured Sawyer running an "errand" for not-Locke, going over to Hydra Island and meeting with the recently-arrived Charles Widmore. Of course, Locke didn't tell Sawyer about Widmore (though he didn't seem surprised when Sawyer told Locke about Widmore), which contributed to Sawyer's trust issues.

Of course, as it turns out, Sawyer isn't really interested in picking a side between Locke and Widmore (who is probably on Jacob's side), but is in everything for himself, because he wants to get off the island -- and he wants to bring Kate with him. This shouldn't surprise anyone who's been watching the show since Day 1, since Sawyer has always only cared about two people at any point in time: himself and his lady friend of the moment (Cassidy, Juliet, Kate, etc.).

Of course, in the LA-verse, Sawyer still seems to be in things for himself, only he's not Sawyer, he's Jim. The entire LA-verse plot contained tons of references to Sawyer's on-island past (using the word "LaFleur", the con in the initial scene, Charlotte and Sawyer bickering), but put Sawyer in the role of a cop, with Miles as his partner.

Now, normally I've been vacillating between bored and frustrated by the LA-verse scenes, but Tuesday night's was totally different. I was amused by the Sawyer-Miles interplay, to the point where I'd definitely watch a buddy-cop sitcom with those two characters as the stars. They could even keep Charlotte in the mix, as the girl who's obviously perfect for Miles, but he's too busy trying to set her up with other guys to notice it. Eventually they'd hook up, and Sawyer would be Miles's best man at his wedding, with some bachelor party hijinks thrown in, resulting in them having to visit the hospital, where they'd meet up with Dr. Jack Shephard in a CRAZY cross-over episode!

OK, back to reality (or at least what passes for an alternate reality in "Lost"). For the second time in three weeks, the LA-verse scenes ended with a surprise encounter between two characters two weeks ago, it was Sayid and Jin, this week it was Sawyer and Kate. Obviously the producers are setting things up so these characters who were destined to be together on the island end up back together in the LA verse. I don't know what it means, and I don't have the energy to speculate. Fortunately, with only 8 episodes left, there won't be much more time for theories and speculation, at least not if we're going to get reasonably satisfying answers.