Series of Tubes: Chuck Versus Everyone Leaving?

Previously on "Chuck"... Morgan found out Chuck was a spy and The Intersect, Devon (who already knew about Chuck being a spy) tried to get Ellie to join "Doctors Without Borders" so they could get away from Chuck, the relationship between Sarah and Shaw heated up, and Chuck flashed on a name from Casey's past, revealing Casey may not be who we think he is?

OK, all caught up? Good, because all that happened in the last couple episodes, and rather than drag things out for years (I'm looking at you "Lost"), "Chuck" addressed most of that -- specifically the big Casey reveal -- in this week's episode.

"Chuck Versus the Tic-Tac" was a lot darker than last week's episode, but that's to be expected of an episode that focuses on Casey as opposed to one that focuses on Morgan. Still, I didn't expect it to go in some of the directions it did, specifically with Casey betraying the government and his team to save the life of a woman he loved 20 years ago. It almost seemed at times during the episode that they were going to set Casey up as a straight-up traitor, but that never felt right, and I'm glad they didn't do it.

As for what they DID do, at the end of the episode, they fired Casey. I DEFINITELY did not see that coming. In addition, Sarah got on a plane to DC and is considering reprising her request to be re-assigned away from Chuck (especially now that he's turing into super-intersect 2.0). Now, I truly doubt Adam Baldwin and Yvonne Strahovski are leaving the show, but the timing of these moves -- when combined with Ellie and Awesome's possible move -- seem like the producers might be paring down the main cast. This was another episode in which the Buy More crew didn't appear at all, and honestly I didn't miss them. I'd miss Casey and Sarah, and I don't think they're leaving the cast permanently, but I wonder if we might see a few episodes with Chuck's team broken up.

Of course, come next week everything could be back to status quo, in which case ignore the entire preceding paragraph. But "Chuck" does seem willing to take some risks with its creative direction, which has kept me interested in tuning in week after week.