Now THAT'S an archive

Well, I've been writing about it for a few weeks now, but it's finally done. The transition of the blog from MobileMe to Blogger is complete, with 946 posts in the archive (this will be #947).

I even went and dug out an old backup CD that had a copy of from 2003 and added in the SportsBytes and Reviews from that site. Since that iteration of the blog really only existed to link to those posts, it only made sense to add them in here, even if I never did add them in to iWeb.

I also found my old site on that disc and considered adding that too, but eventually decided against it, since that -- just like -- was always maintained as a separate site.

So now that I've got 946 posts (soon to be 947) in the archive, what have I learned about my blogging habits? Well:

- I blogged most often in 2009 (271 posts) and least often in 2006 (20 posts)
- I once went a full year without blogging (May 2003 to May 2004) and once posted 54 entries in a single month (January 2009).
- I have 148 individual tags on the site, and probably could have more, but there were lots of subjects I knew I only hit on once, so I didn't add a tag for them.
- My most frequently tagged topic? Buffy, with 310 posts. Amazingly, I didn't even mention Buffy on the blog until 2005 (not that there were a ton of posts from 2002-2004).
- Even without the or posts, LeBron James has been tagged 97 times, 7th most among all tags, and most among specific people (Britney Spears is second in that ranking with 46 tags).

As for the most-commented-on post? Well, I have no idea, since there's no way to transfer iWeb comments to Blogger (and thanks to the many publishing issues throughout the years with iWeb, comments got blown out at multiple times anyway).

So, now that everything's in place, hopefully Blogger won't crap out on me like iWeb did, and I can keep this blog going for another 8 years.